Shaggy Chic

It's all about the dogs



A contemporary, forward thinking approach to boarding has found favour with our visitors and their owners. Our mandate is to provide a stress free, home from home experience, with as much free running playtime and “chillaxing” time, as possible. This necessitates dogs being well socialised as they are integrated into groups that match their temperaments and activity levels. We do have limited facilities for unsocialised dogs, which enjoy the benefits to who spacious runs as well as exercise time.  

Own food and beds  are supplied, ensuring as little disruption as possible, to routine. Shaggy Chic sunrises and sunsets are the favourite time of the day for us, and, weather permitting, the day starts and ends with a free run in the field, with loads to keep visitors busy, in between.

Special medication and treats are administered, upon request. We also cater for fully inoculated young puppies as well as special needs, frail and elderly dogs. All vaccinations need to be up to date, including kennel cough and deworming and a tick and flea treatment needs to be completed prior to arrival. Due to the exclusive nature of our offering, early booking is essential.


Dogs are social creatures and pack animals by nature. Our busy lives mean that many of them do not have company and stimulation during the day, often resulting in destructive behaviour like chewing, digging as well as barking.

The day care or crèche concept for dogs is gaining popularity with pet owners worldwide, who want to enjoy the benefits of owning a dog, but also need the peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet is being well taken care of during their absence. 
Dogs attending day care have not had to wait at home for you to return from work and receive exercise, stimulation and company. They go home contented and tired, and we all know that tired dogs go to bed without a fuss.
In addition to this, shy pups as well as older dogs learn how to interact, socialise and enjoy sharing their space with other dogs. We ensure that shy or nervous visitors are introduced to dogs of a similar size and energy level so they do not feel overwhelmed whilst building their confidence.
Whilst day care is no replacement for the love and care that they receive from their owner, dogs enjoy the best possible care during work hours (or weekends, for that matter), and are generally better behaved in public, stronger, fitter and calmer. All of these benefits have a positive effect on health and wellbeing.


We offer a safe and secure dog park, for free running and off lead exercise. Owners can either book the field privately if they have unsocialised dogs or walk with other dogs and their owners. Basic agility equipment and toys are available and we encourage humans to bring a book or a bottle of wine and enjoy some time outdoors! Yes, you may also run around the field and over the obstacles if you wish!

The field may also be booked for birthday parties, rescue organisation functions and get togethers, club get togethers and other non-dog related events.


An unsupervised young puppy is a licence for destruction, damage and other behavioural issues associated with boredom. 

Puppies are integrated with other dogs of a similar age group and receive developmental stimulation associated with this age group. It is also important not to over exercise a young dog, so all exercise is supervised and gentle.


Want to include a spa treatment for your dog, either as part of a day care visit or seperately? Contact us for our service offering and your pooch will go home smelling like roses!

We use show quality products for grooming on our dogs. We are also able to groom visitors prior to departure; please ensure that you request this service and we will quote you accordingly

Our grooming offering includes free tummy tickles and a massage.   


Basic, private obedience training can be offered, based on a brief. In addition to this our field is utilised by a number of obedience clubs and we also work in association with the Canine Performance Centre, located in Blue Hills. These clubs offer group obedience training for dogs as well as agility training.


Owners wishing to show their pedigreed dog in conformation competitions are welcome to book for a series of show training lessons. A basic introduction into the world of show dogs, and basic ringcraft as well as ring procedures is offered, all of which is often daunting for newcomers. 


3 decades of assocation with dogs and all things dog related, means that there are certain products that we highly recommend

  • Nutricalm – a best in class, natural remedy for dogs suffering from stress, includuing fireworks and thunder.
  • Kingpinproducts - Puppy/training crates and playpens. A range of products that assist with crate training.
  • Wampum - a locally manufactured, cruelty free and cost efficient range of groomings aids for day to day maintenance showdogs.
  • Plush Puppy - an imported range of exclusive grooming products for showdogs and discerning pets.